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so am I actually blogging now?

Yeah I’ve been working on this damn site for the last two days. I still don’t know whether or not I have a blog.

Just in case, I did manage to create a blog, I’ll say some things and some stuff.

Today was a typically busy/stressful Monday. My level of irritability rose to a new high. I managed to blow off some steam at the gym after work and now I’m relaxing comfortably at home watching TV. I’m watching the mini Simpsons marathon, courtesy of the wonderful people at FXX, but as soon as 9pm rolls around, I’m all about The Blacklist.

If you’ve ever read my tweets, about 95% of them are about TV. But I like the idea of having a blog because sometimes I have more things to say about what I’m watching and 140 characters just doesn’t cut it.

So The Blacklist, when it first aired last year, it didn’t look interesting to me. I do like James Spader. He just rocks. Funny, dramatic, witty, creepy, mysterious – he can do it. So this past summer, my co-worker recommend I watch season one of The Blacklist since it was now streaming on Netflix. I took his advice without a second thought because he’s the same person who recommended Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards (I will dedicate posts to those shows later). I watched the first episode of The Blacklist and text my co-worker 30 minutes into the episode telling him it was the best show ever.

What’s not to love? You have James Spader playing one of the FBI’s Most Wanted criminals, Raymond Reddington. He turns himself in to the feds in exchange for immunity and to work with the bureau’s new criminal profiler, Elizabeth Keene. Without spoiling too much, nothing is as it seems. Reddington is always ten steps ahead of everyone especially the feds.

It’s almost time. Bye!


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