I heart Netflix

I really love Netflix. There’s only a handful of shows on TV that I NEVER miss. They are: The Good Wife, The Blacklist, Scandal, and newcomer How To Get Away With Murder. When those shows aren’t on, I also watch Sons of Anarchy, Once Upon a Time, Chopped, Shark Tank, and what ever interesting history piece is on PBS, History Channel, or Military Channel. There are some good summer shows: Drunk History and Motive.

Anyway, I love Netflix. I don’t usually find the movies I want but they have a good selection of shows. There’s nothing I really watch on Wednesday nights and I was pleased to see that Chopped finally made its way onto Netflix. It’s a great show. I learned to make puree just from watching. I sometimes experiment in the kitchen with whats in my pantry after any given episode.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s a cooking competition show but not over the top and dramatic like Hell’s Kitchen. Each episode features four different chefs competing. There’s always three judges that rotate each time. Amanda Freitag is, without a doubt, my favorite judge. She’s bright, she’s positive, she knows good food, and she’s my woman crush. I also like Aaron Sanchez. He gets excited about spicy dishes and Latin cuisines and is usually pretty positive. The rest are okay. I absolutely cannot stand Scott Conant. He’s a dick. I’d like to throw a red onion at him. If you regularly watch the show, you might chuckle at that.


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