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Today’s blog title is brought to you by the musical styles of The Spice Girls. Yes, I still listen to The Spice Girls and I’m still waiting for a reunion tour.

I am a wannabe author. I have been for years. I’ve been writing stories here and there since I was 10. I’ve always been a day dreamer and I loved to create stories. I still write as a hobby. I used to be an active member of Writing.Com and was a site moderator few a years, was an editor, and even attended a couple of the conventions. But life got in the way and I haven’t written as much recently.

I don’t have anything published. I keep saying, I’ll get publish this year. Or, This is the year I’ll finally finish a novel. And 2014, will soon be another year come and gone without being any closer to completing that goal.

I have several short stories and unfinished manuscripts. Publishing has come such a long way in just a few years, especially the art of self publishing. Between social media and sites like Amazon, Smashwords, and others, self publishing and self promotion are easier than ever. Because of this I’m left with fewer excuses to not push myself to get published.

I have signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. If you’ve also signed up, add me as a buddy – mia_pleasant

My personal website, is still a work-in-progress but when I have it up and running, I’d like to feature some of the short stories I’ve written over the years.

For other wannabe writers out there looking for an online community, consider Even though I’m no longer an active member, I still keep in touch with several of the people I met during my time there. Also, the site creators are cool people.


4 thoughts on “Wannabe

      • I was lucky and found a great group close to me that meets twice a month (and is free). I believe there are at least three other groups in the DFW area, but have an annual membership fee. Get my # from m.o.m. and I can tell you more about my group if you are interested.


  1. Deep, deep in the dusty room that is my twitter archives conversations may be uncovered involving myself, a couple of other people and a particular song by the Spice Girls referenced in the title of this post.


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