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Movie Review – St. Vincent

I was wonderfully surprised at how much I enjoyed this and how it gave that warm, fuzzy feeling at the end.

I love Bill Murray. I will watch and have watched almost all his films. I am a fan of Melissa McCarthy as well. I’ve only seen Naomi Watts in a few pictures but I think she’s a pretty decent actress.

I’m never surprised by Murray’s acting ability. He just makes his roles work. I know Melissa McCarthy from only doing comedy. And while this movie does fall under the comedy/drama genre (or dramedy, if you will) I enjoyed seeing her play a role

Her character will make you laugh but for different reasons than her other role. For example, in the movie Bridesmaids, her character is there for the sole person of making the audience laugh with her one-liners and slapstick antics. In St. Vincent, you see a different side of McCarthy. She’s a newly single mom trying her best. She is forced to start over after a bitter divorce and make a new life for her and her son, played wonderfully by young newcomer, Jaeden Lieberher. Seriously, you will fall in love with this kid.

From the beginning, she inadvertently butts heads with her new neighbor played by Murray who, on the surface, seems like an a ass. You discover more about he who he is and what his life is really like later on.

The way McCarthy gets frazzled and flustered, and aggravated by Murray’s cantankerous character throughout the movie will make you chuckle. Naomi Watts as the pregnant Russian prostitute with a lot of attitude, provides some good comedy relief as well.

Murray, McCarthy, and Watts would seem unlikely in a movie together on paper but it worked. Not sure if we’ll see this movie featured during Oscar time but they should at least snag a couple of Golden Globe noms.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – St. Vincent

  1. CaseyTrowbridge says:

    I hate the word dramedy.

    Mainly because a friend of mine figured if you could combine drama and comedy to get dramedy that he was free to do this with other words.

    When he unleashed horromedy on me a few years back, we had to have a chat. . . after I slapped him.


  2. CaseyTrowbridge says:

    LOL, that was the first thing I noticed when reading your entry for some reason.

    Upon further reflection it didn’t really offer much to the overall point you were making.

    I like a lot of the people involved with this movie so may check it out. Of course I say that a lot about movies and then rarely do.


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