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Movie Review – Interstellar

I didn’t want to see this movie for a number of reasons. Number one, my pet peeve; they ruin the storyline in the trailers. Number two, I disliked Gravity so much that I balked at the idea of seeing another space/sci-fi movie. Number three, it looked like it was going to be cheesy in an “Armageddon” kind of way.

I was pleasantly surprised. The trailer gives away nothing. It evolves so much and the story is so much more than what you see on a 2 minute trailer. You don’t realize what their life is like until the movie gets going. Some may be bored at first because it starts off slow and you may start to get fidgety because you realize you’re in for a nearly 3 hour film. I, personally, wished it had gone on longer. There’s still more I wanted to see happen.

Christopher Nolan does a fine job of directing. If I had to sum up his direction for the movie in just three words, it would be, “enjoy the silence.”  There are several moments in film where there’s no dialogue, no music, no sounds, so you’re forced to pay attention to what’s happening right then. It worked. I loved the views of space.

It’s not a cliché at all.

You see the determination and desperation of people trying to save the human race. Great cast, great acting. You will see some terrific shots of outer space, galaxies, worm holes, and black holes.

There are a lot of situations you don’t expect. There’s even a celebrity cameo or two that may surprise you.

If you liked Contact, you’ll enjoy this. It’s really an incredible journey that tugs at the heart strings.


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