Jason Brown

“When I think about a life of greatness, I think about a life of service.”

In a time when every time I turn on the TV or surf the web, I see yet another NFL player in trouble with the law, I found this article to be so refreshing and heart-warming.

You have Jason Brown, center for the St. Louis Rams, walk away from the NFL to be a farmer. He calls his farm First Fruits Farm. He donates the “first fruits” of his farm to food banks in order to help the needy.

Some may say he’s crazy to walk away from the life he had but I say he’s an admirable man who wanted his life to have a purpose. And that’s a person I can respect.

People like Jason are the ones who should be featured on front pages and headline news feeds.


4 thoughts on “Jason Brown

  1. That’s pretty awesome. He must have found a passion for it, though, too – he could have used that salary to hire a farmer to run things as he envisioned them. 🙂 It’s not easy work, and it’s not for everyone. I’m with you – seeing this is a nice, uplifting contrast to the usual sports celeb news!


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