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TV Review – Lilyhammer

I can’t explain it but there’s something that excites me about watching Steven Van Zandt on the small screen. This is one talented guy. If you liked him in The Sopranos, you’ll probably like him in Lilyhammer. Even if you never watched The Sopranos, you’ll enjoy this.

Lilyhammer is a Netflix original series. I love it. I’ve already finished season 3.

Van Zandt plays a mobster known as “Frankie the Fixer” living in New York City. He ends up working with the feds and gets into witness protection. The feds ask him where he wants to go. He choses Lilliehammer, Norway. It’s not a city that many are familiar with, even the feds are like, “Where?” He chooses that particular city because of how much he enjoyed the Winter Olympics when they were held there in 1994.

So he ends up relocating to Lilliehammer, and listens to Norwegian tapes during his trip there.  Of course, since he is in Witness Protection with a new name and identity, he is obviously supposed to keep a low profile. But once a wiseguy, always a wiseguy. He soon starts stirring things up, creating a posse, buying a nightclub, bribery, threats, all that good stuff. To make matters worse, his next neighbor is the police chief.

I won’t spoil the whole series. I recommend watching it, especially since my of our network shows have had their winter finales and we’re all waiting until January for some new programming.



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