Sons of Anarchy

Contains spoilers!


This was by far my least favorite season. I had a hard time staying with the show. Last season (season six) we all watched in horror as Jax’s mother, Gemma, brutally killed Tara, his wife. Up until the last five minutes of the episode, it looked as if everything was going to have a happy ending. We should have known better. Damn you and your evil genius, Kurt Sutter.

This season was difficult because it was the last season and because we (the viewers) all know who killed Tara. However, thanks to Gemma, Jax goes on a rampage, killing innocent people, betraying alliances, etc. It was hard to root for him.

Each week, it got harder and harder. Plus, the episodes were entirely too long. I just couldn’t sit through 90 minutes of wrongful accusations and deaths anymore.

I finally did get caught up. I will admit it was difficult to watch Juice die, although he did have it coming. I even felt a little sorry for Gemma but then I reminded myself that in addition to killing Jax’s wife, she also killed his father. I felt bad for Unser but he was probably better off.

Even though, I didn’t care for the season as a whole, the last two episodes were definitely worth it. Great finale. I was glad he made sure to get Wendy and the kids out of Charming, and told the truth to Abel about his real mother.

The way Jax goes out is almost poetic. He meets his end the same  way his father did. I loved the smile on his face as he accepts his fate. He was finally free.

I love forward to watching it again whenever season 7 hits Netflix.


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