The Wolf of Wall Street

This isn’t really a movie review. Instead, it’s just me rambling on about how happy I am to see that as of today, this movie is streaming on Netflix.

The Wolf of Wall Street is by far one of my favorite movies of 2013. Whenever I tell people that I loved the movie, they seem to look at me funny. Is it because I’m a woman? Some woman do enjoy movies filled with debauchery.  At least, this woman does.

Leo DiCaprio did an amazing job as Jordan Belfort. How the real Jordan Belfort is still alive, is beyond me. He consumed an unbelievable amount of drugs, alcohol, and hookers during the Stratton Oakmont period.

I didn’t even realize the movie was three hours long when I saw it in the theaters. It could have gone on for another hour as far as I’m concerned. It was both fascinating and kind of horrifying to see everything that went on in his life all before the age of 30.

Since I work in sales, I’m always jazzed to watch movies that revolve around it. Besides The Wolf of Wall Street, my other favorite sales movies are Boiler Room, Wall Street,  The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, and Glengarry Glen Ross.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one wild ride. I don’t condone deceiving and stealing from clients. But I’ve got to hand it to Belfort, he is one hell of a salesman. To this day, he gives workshops and seminars around the world, and if I could afford to attend one, I would.  I’ve watched some of his videos on YouTube, he really is a fast, slick talker. But the methods he teaches today are pretty legit.


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