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I know I mostly spend my time blogging about film and television, but I’m going to talk a little about the music I like. I enjoy several genres, but I mainly go for smooth jazz, blues, and old school R&B. Depending on my moods, I sometimes go for pop, rap, rock, and sometimes country.

I want to talk about my favorite singer, Janita. She’s not a household name but it’s only a matter of time. She was born and raised in Finland and now lives in New York City. She and Blake Morgan (founder of ECR Music) started the #respectmusic movement that has been trending online throughout 2014.

I have all her albums and just read on her FB page that her newest album is dropping soon. I would have to say my fondness for her and her music almost crosses into obsession(ha ha). I’ve been a fan since 2006. Almost all of her shows are in New York City, so I have yet to see her perform live. Even if I still lived on the east coast, traveling and lodging in NYC is expensive. Still, maybe someday.

She posted this video on her FB page, a song from her upcoming album. I love it already.


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