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Don’t ask me stupid questions

Me: I can run a quick proposal for you. What’s your last name?

Hyper customer: It’s Pierce, like what you get done to your ear.

Me: Got it.

Hyper customer: You know how to spell it?

Me: Yes.

Hyper customer: Spell it.

Me: H. X. 4. L. And the Batman symbol.

Hyper customer: Wow









P.S. If you’re a big Family Guy fan, my response might have sounded a little familiar.


9 thoughts on “Don’t ask me stupid questions

  1. The customer liked me just fine. I’m not sure if she got the Family Guy reference. I didn’t stop to ask, I just kept working in my proposal the entire time, as fast as I could. I had to get her out of there. She kind of disrupted the whole office. And she said the word “penis” a lot. Loudly.


  2. Or think of Prince, the artist formerly (and once again) known as… who once changed his name to an artsy, but unpronounceable, symbol. (I’ll have to look up that Family Guy episode, too, Mia – that’s where you lost me! I THOUGHT I understood this!)


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