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TV review – Broadchurch

From here on out, I will be referring to the week I was sick as The Purge.

So during The Purge I had plenty of time to watch hours and hours of Netflix while dining on Pedialyte. One of the shows I discovered was a UK import called Broadchurch.

I heard of the show because Fox recently aired a mini series called Gracepoint. Gracepoint is the American remake of Broadchurch. I love a good mystery so I decided to start with the original.

Broadchurch is an 8 episode miniseries about a boy who is found murdered in a small town. I absolutely loved this series. I love a good mystery.

David Tennant (Doctor Who) stars as the lead detective, an outsider with a tainted reputation. He partners with a detective from the small town. The two have a rocky partnership for various reasons which only adds to how great this series is.

In my opinion, what makes a mystery into a great whodunit is a writer who uses misdirection.  And the writers got it right with this show. The viewer has so many different characters to suspect but not too many characters to the point that it becomes overwhelming.

When I finally got to the finale, I gasped when the killer is revealed. I love when that happens. I easily get bored and disappointed when I can predict the ending. It’s terrific when the killer is hiding in plain sight.

Add it to your queue. And use the subtitle option because their accents are a little difficult to understand at times.


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