Am I high? Nope.

I was having lunch with one of my best friends, Chris, when he said this:

“You know, sometimes when you’re talking to me, I wonder if you’re high.”

At first, I just stared at him and kind of chuckled. Then I thought about it. Here I am stuffing my face and guffawing like an idiot. Yup, classic stoner move.

Upon further reflection, I realized that a lot of my behavior mirrors that of a pothead. I can’t tell a simple story, anecdote, or joke without bursting into laughter. I just can’t do it. Everything is funny to me. I realize that the people I tell jokes to hardly ever get the punchlines because I’m usually laughing to hard. I talk to myself. I often go on a tangent before asking, “Wait. What were we talking about?” I burst into song randomly. I tell really short stories that  have no point. I change the subject without warning or segue. I quote lines from movies and shows that most people are not familiar with.

I am a little eccentric, and very weird, and kind of goofy, but I’m not high.

Those days are behind me … unless Texas decides to legalize it. 😉


4 thoughts on “Am I high? Nope.

  1. I become more and more convinced that you and I were destoned to cross paths. You laugh more in conversation than I do and I’m not legally allowed to sing for any reason, ever but I can match you tangent for tangent, TV reference for TV reference (movies I’m not as good at) and disjointed conversation for disjointed conversation. Maybe one day we’ll have a conversation like that and either we’ll both totally understand everything that has happened or neither of us will have a clue.


    • So far, I have not been the least bit disappointed by your TV knowledge, good sir. You’ve picked up on every reference I’ve dropped on you including movies.


  2. You’re just high on life, that’s what you are! This is just one more little reason you and I get along so well, Mia. And like Casey, I’m good at the tangents. Don’t quiz me on TV and movies! But I’ll look to you for what to watch next!


  3. Definitely one of the reasons we get along so well!
    And I have to tell you that sometimes I literally read through the comments on your FB posts while eating snacks like I’m watching a movie. I love it. Arguments, jokes, random stories, funny memes, they’ve got everything. Usually I’m at work, so that’s really not the best use of my time but I can’t help it.
    There are more TV and movie reviews coming.


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