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Cooking Disaster?

This post was inspired by Jello Cookies. She tells a pretty hilarious story about baked cookies gone wrong. At the end of her entry she asks her readers for their cooking disaster stories.

Challenge accepted, Amber.

Well, I don’t think you really challenged me or anybody else for that matter. Regardless, it was fun to say.

Also I don’t actually know if this counts as a “cooking” disaster per se, but here it is.

A few years ago when I was younger and dumber, I bought one of those Smart One’s desserts. It was chocolate mousse or something. Anyway, I looked at the cooking time on the box and I wasn’t really paying attention. I saw the number 5 and I didn’t bother to read any further. I put the dessert in the microwave on 5 minutes then I left my apartment to take the trash out to the dumpster. It was a nice day so I took my time.

I got back to my apartment and it was filled with black smoke. I was horrified. And I realized I had made a huge mistake. I knew needed to shut off the microwave fast. I did so, and then did the absolute dumbest thing I could do in this situation – I opened the microwave door while leaning down to look inside. Needless to say, I choked on the smoke and had a coughing fit for a couple of minutes before I was finally able to breathe clearly again.

I quickly opened my patio door to air out the apartment. At this point, “dessert” and the plastic container it was in were one. It was just a melted down piece of plastic and it was still flaming pretty bad. I grabbed it and threw it off the balcony. I lived on the second floor.
By the way, I dug the box out of the trash later on and actually read the directions, “Microwave at 5 SECONDS.”

The end.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Disaster?

  1. I’d say that anything that produces that much smoke and must be launched off of a balcony definitely qualifies.

    I’m not sure I’ve had any major disasters. Well, there was the time I put something on a plate to put into the microwave but did not notice that said plate also had a medal spoon on it. Fortunately disaster was averted when I hit start and said “hey, the microwave sounds funny” a couple seconds later.


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