“Snow” Day

Not really snow, because this is Texas. But we have what our local meteorologist is calling “thundersleet”. Yup. That is a word. There’s a thin layer of sleet on the ground already, it’s still coming down, and there’s thunder. It’s enough sleet for the morning commute to be in absolute chaos, including freakish accidents with fatalities, school closings, offices closing, and non-stop news coverage.

So the boss texted us that we were closed today. I was already prepared, I have a laptop from work. But since we are closed today, I technically don’t have to work. I will anyway, because there’s a few clients I need to follow up on but it won’t take me more than an hour. Then I have the rest of the day free. I will maybe do a little blogging, watch Netflix, play Halo, watch Judge Judy, watch Maury, and definitely get some writing done.

I really have to get some writing done because I feel like Amber is going to get me. I mean, sure, I am quite literally twice her size and, sure, she is very sweet … but there’s something in her eyes that says, “I’m gonna kill you if you don’t post something for Writer’s Group.” So I am making it my goal to have something written today.
Don’t break my kneecaps, Amber! Just give me until the end of the day! I’m good for it! *nervous smile* 🙂


8 thoughts on ““Snow” Day

    • So here’s what happened, I decided I’d play Halo 4 for a little while. I kept saying, just one more level. Eventually I beat the game, then I looked up and it was 5pm.
      I did not make the deadline. *hangs head in shame*


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