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So, one of my co-workers is expecting her third child some time in the next two weeks. I have an ongoing joke, where I keep trying to buy her baby. You know, she already has two. I have zero. I feel like it’s only fair but whatever. Today, her husband came to pick her up from work, along with her two other kids. Her six year old daughter came into the office.

Me: You know what? You can keep the baby, I’ll take the big one here.

Pregnant co-worker: You can have her. She’s the most expensive one.

Child: No I’m not! I’m only eleventeen hundred dollars. No … eleven dollars hundred. Um … eleven –

Me: I think you mean eleventy.

Child: Eleventy! I’m only eleventy dollars!

Me: Hahahaha!

Pregnant co-worker: *sighs* Really, Mia?

Other co-worker: You are the worst!



The end. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Kids

    • 100% true story. My work wife won’t bring her kids to work anymore. The last time she brought her boys, I got them all wound up because we were doing karate moves.


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