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It’s alive!

So I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been working on my story. It’s really coming together. I was excited when I first came up with the story line. It’s a genre that I’ve never written before so I was a little anxious about doing and even more anxious to show the first chapter to my writing group. It was actually well received and I got such help feedback and critiques, and I had mostly been writing and doing research.

So I put blogging aside to write. Then I had a lot of personal stuff happening and that caused a great deal of stress. Then I just didn’t have it in me to write. And eventually, my story dried up.

Now, I’m happy to say that my characters are alive again and talking to me again. Yes, my story characters talk to me. If you’re not a writer, you’ll think I’m crazy. If you are a writer, you’ll think I’m normal.

Well, you’re both right.


2 thoughts on “It’s alive!

  1. Welcome back to the world of the living…err…blogging.

    Hope the personal stuff is taking care of itself and that you can free yourself of some of that burden, if you need/want to talk, you know how to find me.

    Glad your story is taking shape. Hopefully I will get to read it someday!

    Characters talking to you is normal, writer or not, it is answering them back that makes you crazy. lol


    • I sometimes get frustrated with my characters. But no, so far I haven’t answered back. When it’s all finished, you can definitely read it. 🙂


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