This title is brought to you by the hour in which I’m writing this entry and one of my favorite Eminem songs.

So here I am, sitting on my couch, thinking about all the changes in my diet I need to make because I woke up with the worst episode of acid reflux to date. I’m in incredible pain and can barely swallow.

The hardest thing about this is that I’ll have probably have to give up spicy foods. Anyone who knows me, knows spicy food is a regular part of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I keep a bottle of hot sauce at my desk.

I’ve been eating spicy foods since I was in the womb. Literally. My mom ate spicy food a lot when she was pregnant with me. Then when I was a kid, we lived in Albuquerque for a while. I built up a real high tolerance for spicy foods there. Oh to be young again.

At this point though, I’d be willing to give up TV to make this pain I’m having right now go away. It sucks. But I brought it on myself. I went to my favorite Thai place again and ordered curry. Damn I love curry. Does this mean no more curry????? I’m part Indian, I have to have curry!

Btw, sorry if this post just comes across as a bunch of crazy ramblings. It is 3am after all. Plus, I’m not bothering to proofread this because I’m really tired.



3 thoughts on “3AM

  1. Oh, ug, acid reflux. I know that pain all too well.

    I basically would suffer from it all the time if I didn’t take something for it on a daily or every other daily basis. If my stomach thinks it can get me to give up stuff like lemonade it has another thing coming.


  2. I’m lucky not to have this problem. I’ve had heartburn maybe – MAYBE – twice, that I can remember, and it was painful. But you know what? Most sources I’ve read don’t list “spicy foods” as a trigger. In fact, full fat milk and dairy products are higher on the list. CHOCOLATE (omg, seriously? Nooooo!) is on the list. Fried foods and sodas are on the list. Curry? Not on the list. Okay – it’s on the list, but I think it’s only to placate those who are utterly convinced that spicy foods give them pain (you know, some people actually think ketchup is “spicy” – seriously – so what does “spicy foods” even mean, Mia??)

    Get checked out for hiatal hernia before giving up the foods you love. Take an antacid. (Start with something mild like Tums – it’ll double as a calcium supplement – and if that doesn’t work, look into a prescription.) Now, I would definitely cut back on anything you KNOW causes problems, and fatty foods – there’s just too strong a link to fried and fatty foods – but cling to those spicy foods as long as you can. Your tastebuds might just pack up and leave you if you try to go all bland on them.


    • Yes, I read that same WebMD article.

      What does spicy food mean to Mia?

      It means when my favorite Thai place offers curry on a spiciness level from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, I always go for 5. It means that I keep bottle of hot sauce at work to put on my lunch. It means eating a bag of Flaming Hot Lays. It means having every burger with jalapenos and hot sauce. It means going out for Mexican food and always ordering the hottest salsa. It means going to my favorite Vietnamese spot for pho and adding chili peppers and sriracha. Will that do? Sometimes I’ve had indulged in all of the above in one day.

      I don’t eat much fried foods these days. I’ve cut back on the spicy foods and it has improved. And yes, everything tastes bland. It sucks. But being woken up in the middle of the night with the feeling of choking on your own vomit is the absolute worst. Tums does nothing for my acid reflux. It’s like sprinkling water on a wildfire. I have to get something stronger from the doctor. But I don’t like going to the doctor so I’m just riding it out.


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