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Maybe This Is Why I Don’t Watch the Winter Olympics.

My experience in winter sports is limited yet memorable.

When I was a teenager, I went on ski trip with our church’s youth ministry. We drove to a resort in West Virginia. It was beautiful. I had never skied before in my life so I was excited.

The resort offered free ski lessons but I got bored and decided to go off and ski by myself. After all, they made it look so easy on TV.

You have to understand, when I was younger, I was an adrenaline junkie and I thought I was invincible.

So anyway, I went off on my own. I, at least, had the good scene to pick a beginner slope. Well after I took off down the hill, it wasn’t long before I started to pick up sped. I went fast. Then really fast. Then even faster. And pretty soon I was flying down a hill, screaming. I should point out that there were a lot of other people on the slopes. People that saw me fly past them screaming at the top of my lungs.

I didn’t know how to stop since I had bailed on the lessons. In an awkward move, I threw my weight to the side in an attempt to stop. I fell to the ground and slid a few feet before I came to a stop. When I got to my feet, I realized I was missing a ski. I grabbed my poles and with my one ski, I climbed back up the hill. I found my missing ski off to the side in the trees. And that was the end of skiing for me forever.


Oh, but wait, there’s more.

On this same trip I decided to go tubing. The set up was pretty cool. They actually had a lift for the tubes that brought us up to the top of a very steep hill. It was a blast. My friends and I did it for hours. On this one particular trek, I decided I want to go downhill even faster. So I decided that while going down the hill, I would pin my arms to the side, keep my legs straight and together. I basically turned my body into a missile. It worked perfectly.

Except for when it was time to stop. You see the problem was, we were in the middle of a valley and I was too fast that I didn’t stop at the bottom of the hill. I ended up flying through the landing area and up the hill opposite the tubing hill. It was a fence that stopped me. One of those orange rubber fences you see in construction zones. I was caught in it, dangling over the side. I watched as my tube went over the other side and land among trees and rocks. I was basically hanging over a cliff. By then, a crowd had gathered. One of the workers, a local yokel, chuckled as he took his time to come rescue me. I remember my friend’s boyfriend yelling at him to move faster and help me. After what seemed like an eternity, the yokel pulled me out of the fence and I walked back down the hill to my friends.

And I went back to tubing.

I was called “Spidergirl” the rest of that trip.


4 thoughts on “Maybe This Is Why I Don’t Watch the Winter Olympics.

  1. OMG – I did exactly the same thing skiing, only my third run down I picked an intermediate slope, and when I threw myself to the ground, did one of those “agony of defeat” rolls and my ski did not release. Tore my MCL. Four months on crutches. You, m’dear, were incredibly, unbelievably, lucky. Your tubing adventure sounds awesome – and terrifying. I’m glad you lived to tell the tales!


    • Yikes. Torn MCL sounds painful. I was very lucky indeed. There was actually a girl on our trip who slammed into a sign and fractured her pelvis. I carried her around on my back a few times.
      I wish I could say that was the only time I put myself in potential danger but it wasn’t. I wasn’t scared of anything. I kind of miss that side of me. 🙂


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