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So this post was inspired by AJ’s post about sharing. It struck a chord. I have a serious issue with sharing.

I’d like to clarify, I do consider myself to be somewhat generous and I try to give to others when I can. I would rather just give someone something that they can keep permanently. I have no problem giving gifts. But I’m just funny about my own things in general. I don’t like letting anyone borrow anything because I just know I’m never going to see it again. Or if I do get it back, it’s not going to be in the same condition. I’m also quite possessive.

As far as sharing my personal thoughts and feelings, that’s also a no-go. I don’t mind sharing random stories. I don’t mind listening to others open up and I’d like to think I’m a pretty good listener. But my private life is private. Only those close to me know my deep, dark secrets. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. I always thought this was an only-child thing. I’m the same way – I’d rather give a gift than share my personal stuff. (Ask my SIL about this one, sometime. 😉 )

    As for sharing the inner thoughts and feelings and deep, dark secrets – naaah, I’m pretty much an open book, unless it involves divulging others’ deep, dark secrets. If someone tells me something and asks me to keep it confidential, I might as well be a priest. But if they just blab something without disclaimer? It’s all grist for the mill… or, as a coworker once said, “If you don’t respect your own secrets enough to keep them, why would you expect others to keep them for you?”


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