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Book It! was awesome!

Pizza for Reading: Pizza Hut’s ‘Book It!’

It’s so funny that Mental Floss put out this article. For the last couple of years, I’ve been asking other people my age if they remember this program. Everyone had said no. It was getting to the point, where I’m wondering if I imagined the whole thing (not really, I’m just being dramatic).

I’ve been reading almost three decades. My grandmother taught me to read when I was four. She retired as an rad tech when I was born, and spent her time teaching adult literacy. I credit her with my becoming a book worm.

Anyway, the article linked above mentions studies that were done about the program. In my opinion, the program was not a negative thing. At least, for me, it wasn’t. I already read all the time. I didn’t spend much time watching TV and there wasn’t much by way of video games. I was either playing outside or reading. As far as I’m concerned, the program hooked me up with pizzas, thereby rewarding me for something I already did everyday.

It was great. I can still remember as clear as day, being six years old, and my parents driving me to Pizza Hut to collect my little pan pizza. I seriously used to put away a great deal of pizza and was as skinny as a twig. I would kill to have that same metabolism now (wistful sigh).

I would love it if I could still score a free pizza for reading a book. Someone needs to talk to Amazon about this.


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