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Time to leave? (Happy Post)

I miss home. And I’m likely going to move back.

I will miss it here somewhat.

I’ve met some really amazing people. I love that Texas has no state taxes. I like that Texas has early voting. I like that I can go to the grocery store to pay my car registration. That’s bonkers! I also like access roads. Where I’m from, if you get stuck in traffic, you’re just stuck. Forever. Unless you’re James Bond and your car can change into a boat, then you can hop in the Chesapeake Bay and get to your destination.

I have to say one of my favorite memories here is the first month I moved here and my aunt dragged me to the State Fair with her. The food was insane. I ate so much disgusting fried food. Then my aunt wanted to go to one of the indoor arenas to watch a pig race. I reluctantly went along. So there were five little pigs lined up in the center of the arena, each one had a different colored bandanna around its neck. Each section of the arena was assigned a color so we all had their own pig to root for. As soon as that race started, it became the cutest and most exciting thing to ever happen. The pigs were so adorable running with their little legs,we acted like we were watching the Kentucky Derby. Everyone was applauding and shouting for their pig to win. It was awesome. Pig races are awesome 🙂


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