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Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

This is probably the most I’ll ever reveal about myself.

I don’t put a lot of stock in horoscopes or psychics – to quote Liz Lemon, “It’s all malarkey”. But I must admit that there may be something to what I’ve read about my zodiac sign, the Scorpio. The descriptions I’ve read seem to describe me pretty well.

“The Scorpio is intense and powerful.”

Yes. I take my relationships very seriously, romantic or otherwise. If I feel my feelings aren’t being considered or taken seriously, I’ll end it. I am willing to admit to being a control freak at times. I like neatness and order, and can’t handle chaos or “playing it by ear”. Things need to be planned out and executed in an orderly fashion.

“Scorpios tend be secretive.”

I wouldn’t call it secretive per se. I like to think of myself as private. I’m not hiding anything but I like to keep most things about me private. This habit of mine has frustrated several of the people in my life and has caused problems in relationships. I can’t stand to be put on the spot or questioned in a way that feels like an interrogation. If you do this, you can expect me to end the conversation abruptly.

“You can be sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets, whatever they may be.”

Some people are an open book, I’m not. I’m not judging anyone who is an open book. In fact, those are the people I like to spend time with the most. It’s weird, and it’s probably a little unfair. I will say this though, once you confide in me, your secret is safe for life. I don’t believe in discussing other people’s business, whether you tell me to keep it a secret or not.

“Be honest and avoid getting into arguments, because he/she is not the type to forgive and forget.”

If I could describe my anger, it would be mild-mannered Dr. Banner turning into the Hulk. It’s kind of an exaggeration but not really. I’m not as bad as when I was a teen but it’s still pretty bad. Once I cross over to the dark side, there’s really no calming me down. It’s best to keep your distance and let me tire myself out, lol. I don’t really lose arguments. Betrayal from a loved one is not something I handle well. The good news is, there are only a small number of things that set me off. Other than that, I’d like to think of myself as pretty as easygoing. 🙂

“Scorpios hate dishonesty and they can be very jealous and suspicious.”

I am skeptical of everyone and everything about 99% of the time. There are a handful of people in my life that I’ve met and liked almost immediately. Everyone else is usually guilty until proven innocent, lol. But once I get to know you, we’re good.

I am a jealous girlfriend. Not much I can say about that. I’m not going to have you followed or go through your phone, but flirting with others could be hazardous to your health.

“Scorpios are brave and therefore they have a lot of friends.”

It’s true. I’m the first person to strike up a conversation with a stranger and after a few minutes, I can give you their entire bio without having revealed anything personal about myself. It’s a gift. I actually enjoy making new friends and it does come easily for me. One of the reasons I like working in sales is that I get to meet new people from all walks of life and hear some great stories.

I’m including these screenshots because it, word for word, applies to me:



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