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My take on our visit from Pope Francis

I’ve seen a few negative posts about the Pope’s presence and news coverage. People are having a fit about all the hoopla. So I’d like to give my two cents on it.

I like Pope Francis. He is literally trying to save the world. He’s trying to improve the Catholic Church. They haven’t had a good rep in years. Pope Francis has said a lot of “real talk” in the media but he is also still very serious about his faith.

He makes good use of his time. I appreciate the fact that he spends so much time with the homeless and other outcasts, because guess who else used to do that? I’ll give you a hint, read the Four Gospels.

Some may argue that his trip to the States was unnecessary. He doesn’t have to be here. He’s taking the time to go around and bless our nation, our people, and our leaders. We need that. We should welcome it.

I’ve seen some posts complain about all the fuss over him. People aren’t worshipping him. It may seem that way. It’s not. It’s about who and what he represents.

I loved watching him hold Mass in New York and Philadelphia. What a beautiful and spiritual thing to witness. You don’t have to be Catholic. I’m not Catholic (but I am Episcopalian, it’s sort of similar). I can guarantee you that many of the people attending mass weren’t Catholic or even spiritual, but you know what? Everyone needs prayer. And most people appreciate being prayed for. I know I do. Our nation needs prayer.

There are so many celebrities that are worshipped and adored, and they do nothing to help anyone but themselves. They have the power to use their fame and fortune to help make the world a little better and they don’t, and yet we hang on their every word.

So, I don’t mind all the press surrounding Pope Francis. I think it’s terrific. I also love the media showing all the people giving up their day to attend Mass or just to get a glimpse of the Pope. I’ll take this news in lieu of another story about a family that murders each other, another cop justifying shooting an unarmed black man/woman, the latest offensive remark made by Donald Trump, or Conservatives talking about how Christian they are while their actions are just the opposite.

I believe we are long overdue for some good news.


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