Dusting off the ol’ blog

So I wouldn’t say I forgot about blogging, I just didn’t remember. Thanks for reminding me, Holly. 

So I’ve pretty much settled into a nice routine now that I’m back home. My apartment is in Chesapeake, my job is in Virginia Beach, and my parents are in Hampton. Everything is within a reasonable driving distance. 

I have the best roommate ever, my brother. Our moving day was quite an experience but we made it. I love being near my family again. 

It’s taken a few weeks but I pretty much know my way around the area again. There have been some changes, new roads and new buildings, and stuff, but it’s all good.

Things have been moving pretty quickly and I’m staying pretty busy so I haven’t spent as much time online. 

I haven’t been writing either which bugs me. I’m going to try to find a local writing group again.

I haven’t kept up with anyone else’s blog. So if you’ve had any major life changes then let me offer my congratulations or condolences. I will try to catch up with everyone soon.


2 thoughts on “Dusting off the ol’ blog

  1. Happy to be the one to nudge you back to blogging, and glad to hear you sounding happier and more at home where you are! Yes, write more. Don’t let that creative urge simmer and then grow cold on a back burner. You’ve too much talent for that.

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