One Week Later

What a difference a week makes. So I have spent my weekends and most nights, basically any time I’m not working, packing. It’s easier when you have to pack up just your own stuff but having to pack up the entire 2 bed 2 bath apartment on your own is tough. On the bright side, I’ve gotten some much needed excercise and it’s been easier to sleep. Physically, I’m worn out. Mentally, I’m much Moore relaxed. I think seeing a near empty apartment and an almost full storage facility put my mind more at ease.

Then I came into work today and the office is decorated for Christmas. It’s really cute. The best part is the radio station playing non-stop Christmas carols. The classic ones. Seriously, I’m at my desk singing in between calls.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I proudly ate way too much and did zero cooking.


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