Breaking Rule #21

Never thought I’d break that rule but yeah. So I’m about 95% finished with moving. I am finished for the day though. Everything hurts and I deeply regret living on the second floor.

My new spot is nice so far. I found a friend of a friend looking for a roommate. She’s got a cat and immediately I was disappointed. But so far this cat has spent the better part of the evening rubbing himself against me and following me around. Even though it’s cold out, I’m wearing shorts because I’ve been working up a sweat all day with the move. So whenever I’m in the kitchen, the cat keeps rubbing himself on my legs and walking around between my legs. I’m not gonna lie, I was giggling the entire time. It tickled.

So there you go, rule #21 broken. Complimenting your cat. It’s not my cat though. Does this still count?


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