First time in court … kind of

This case is over so I can finally talk about it. So last summer, I witnessed a pretty brutal fight in a mall parking lot. I contacted the police and gave my statement to the detective handling the case.

Eventually, I was sent a subpoena to appear in court. I was nervous because I’d never had to go to court  before. 

I’ve gotten a jury summons twice but never ended up being selected.

The incident happened in over a year ago and the case was delayed several times, so today was finally the day I was required to appear in court. After wandering through four floors, I finally found where I was supposed to be. The DA talked to me and had me wait outside the courtroom. 

There was only one other person seated with me. He thanked me for coming and it turns out he was the detective in charge of the case. I had only talked to him by phone in the past. 

We got to talking and I told him that I love to write and was currently working on a novel involving homicide detectives. I asked him a couple of questions and we actually ended up talking for nearly an hour. (Neither of us were called into court, the defendant took a plea.) The detective couldn’t have been a nicer man. He explained so much about procedures, interrogations, autopsies, dos and donts, etc. He seemed to enjoy his job and he discussed the how many different people he’s seen come and go from the force. 

Talking to him made my day.

I’ve decided to base one of my main characters on him. 

P.S. He was a handsome man. Tall. Salt and pepper hair. Blue eyes. 😁


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